House Inspector In Charlotte North Carolina

Home Inspection Checklist: What To Look For When Hiring A Professional Home Inspector

A house – North Carolina is simply a non-invasive, visual examination of the general condition of a property, most often in relation to its sale. Typically, house inspections are performed by a certified home inspector who typically has the proper training and credentials to perform these inspections. The inspection report is an objective and impartial assessment of the structure and overall condition of the home being considered for sale. It is intended to provide the home buyer with a detailed picture of the home’s condition, hopefully helping them make an informed decision when considering purchasing the home.

The Ultimate House Inspector Checklist

Historically, home inspectors were a rare breed. While there were some inspectors who inspected homes for their own personal gain, most inspectors were strictly professional businesspeople who wanted and obtained the best results for their customers. This was because prior to the modern home inspection market, there were very few true inspectors and those who did have little training or knowledge of the building codes, standards, and laws that were required of new construction and existing houses alike. For this reason alone, it is no surprise that in the old days many inspectors were simply scam artists looking to cash in on the buyers’ frustration and ignorance.


Because of this, today a good home inspector needs to have a specific set of skills, training, and experience that includes: building inspections, pest inspections, and electrical inspections. However, it should be noted that while having all of these core qualifications is important, it is not of equal importance. In fact, one of the most important aspects of a good home inspector should be flexibility. While a house inspector should be a committed professional, it should also be understood that there are situations where a home inspector must be flexible to best meet the needs of the buyer or client.

What If My Charlotte North Carolina Property Has Damage?

For example, if there is damage or mold growth in a certain area of the house that is currently being inspected, the inspector might suggest that the area be partially or completely sealed off to improve the overall appearance of the property. Similarly, a buyer or client might request that an area of the basement is finished off so that the basement is properly ventilated. While it might seem that closing off an area of the basement is a very bad idea, the good home inspector will realize that because of the aforementioned mold or water issue, this is an excellent solution for the buyer’s needs. Similarly, the good home inspector will realize that it would be a violation of the building code to completely seal off a room, and so will recommend that the seller to allow the buyer to move in and use the space as they wish.


As mentioned earlier, some inspectors are strictly full-time inspectors, meaning that they work only during office hours. In this case, it is important for them to make sure that they schedule office appointments for their inspections along with their regular business hours. This will ensure that clients are able to schedule appointments with the inspectors after business hours if they are unable to come in to the inspection site during normal operating hours. In fact, some home inspectors actually schedule regular inspections over the weekend, because this will give them time to complete other inspections around the city.


Once a home inspection contract has been written, the professional home inspector will document everything he finds during his visit. He will provide a written report to the client, which will contain all findings from the tour and a description of what was found. The client can then choose to accept the findings or dispute them, should they be negative. If the inspector does not find anything that is classified as a problem, he will draft a second inspection report to provide to the client, so that they have both a negative and positive report to add to their home inspection portfolio.